Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ed Martin Signs TaxPayer Protection Pledge.

Flanked by legendary economic mind, Grover Norquist. Ed Martin signed The TaxPayer Protection Pledge today in Hillsboro.

This type of pledge is right up Ed Martin's alley as he is a stickler when it comes to spending tax dollars. He worked with the Governor to start MAP Your Taxes, an online tax dollar tracking system. You can track EVERY PENNY of MO tax dollars. Talk about transparency.

In this first video Ed and Grover discuss the pledge and why Russy would NEVER sign it.

"Russ Carnahan never had a chance to represent MO because he works for Nancy Pelosi."

After the signing I was lucky enough to interview the man Ronald Reagan personally selected to create Americans For Tax Reform. He has some good tips for conservatives on what needs to be done NOW and after 2010.

Below is the text of the pledge Ed signed today. I hope Ed has asbestos socks cuz I'm gonna hold his feet to the fire on this one! NO NEW TAXES!

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