Monday, April 19, 2010

Video Tips For The Tea Party Crasher.


  1. don't forget to stand 6 inches from them with a camera so you can try and start a fight when you get 'bumped'.

  2. Are you serious? We have been bitchslapping you retards on projection and you produce THIS!?! THANKS FOR MAKING OUR POINT!!!

    Do you eat dumb-ass cereal for breakfast? You must! Because you just faked an "infiltrator" that never really existed to try and prove your point that there are "infiltrators" amongst the Liberals!!! Comedy GOLD!!!

    I'm going to stop here because I want you to take this to the next level...TOO FUCKING RICH...


    You can't find a REAL infiltrator so you invent one!!! That is SO FUCKING CONSERVATIVE!!!!

  3. I went to Elmo's website. Typical ill-educated, left-wing, National Socialist.

  4. Typical ill-educated, left-wing, National Socialist.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Elmo is a stone cold Liberal patriot...unlike you dirty fucking Tories...

    The only fascists around here are you freaks.

  5. Liberal patriot? No such animal. Liberals worship government, and America is NOT its government! You fucking lefttards all want to be slaves to somebody. You wouldn't know freedom if it crept up and kicked your ass. The "freedom" to murder the unborn, or to click back and forth between Entertainment Tonight and American Idol doesn't count.

  6. Uh, yeah there is such an animal. I've left blood, sweat and tears in the field for my country, what have you ever done America except bitch and moan? I'm not saying there are no conservative patriots...but they are an endangered species...

    Why don't you assholes stop playing games and just come out and admit you want a confederacy and not a union?