Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NAACP Kicks Cameras Out of Presser, Lies, Refuses to Repudiate Gladney Incident

In light of the St. Louis NAACP's own racism issues, I was surprised to find out that they planned to hold a press conference to attack the TEA Party as racist...again.

The same chapter of the NAACP that uses racial slurs in their press conferences, preaching to the city whose TEA Party leads the way in policing itself. Irony.

I attended this press conference in order to confront the hypocrites in the St. Louis NAACP. I was met with evasion, half truths and flat out lies...then they kicked me out of the press conference for covering it.

(More people turned out to cover the press conference – including black conservatives – than were there on behalf of the press conference itself.)
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Bonus Short Version From Guest Editor 24th State.

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