Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hope And Change! But Not In My Pool.

Because "It Would Change The Complexion Of The Pool" Was The Official Reason Given By The President Of The Valley Swim Club, When He Turned Away 60 Black Kids From A Philly Day Camp. The Camp Had Paid To Swim at The Facility For An Hour And A Half Once A Week. They Were Banned After One Session For The Above Stated Racist Reason.
Some Of You May Not Have Even Heard This Story. Thats Because The Media Is Keeping It Pretty Quiet. Know Why? This Took Place In A HEAVILY Democrat Area Of Pennsylvania. And That Racist BS About The Complexion Of The Pool, Yeah That Guy Was A High Level OBAMA Campaign Worker In Philly. If This Had Happened In Alabama Or Texas, Or If The Racist In Question Worked For Sarah Palin. It Would Be Wall To Wall Coverage About How Racist Republicans Are.

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The Truth Is The Democrats Are The Racist Ones. They're The Ones Who Started The KKK To Terrorize Abolitionists And Freed Slaves. They're The Ones Who Supported Jim Crow Laws. They're The Ones Who Stood In The School House Door To Block Desegregation. They Are The Ones Who Currently Have An Actual Former Klansman Serving In The Senate.(Robert Byrd). More Republicans Backed The Civil Rights Act Than Democrats. Martin Luther King Jr. Was A Republican. History Does Not Lie.

You Stay Classy Democrats.

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