Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jason Mattera Smokes Stuart Smalley.

Pure Awesomeness


  1. Awesome! That's great that local communities will have access to more resources to build playgrounds and community parks. Interesting about the breast feeding law, does that mean working mothers can bring their infants to work? I wonder how often women will actually site the law.

  2. Much as I despise Al Franken, Jason Mattera was out of line. He almost made Franken a sympathetic figure with his rudeness. One must allow a person -- even a creep like Franken -- the chance to answer your question before you start badgering. Such ill manners will only hurt the conservative cause in the long run.

    Jim Bass

  3. Wow, this Mattera is a cheap fucker.

  4. There was a good question in there, but it was hidden behind Mattera's theatrics and exaggeration and rudeness. Why start out by getting the facts wrong? Why interrupt him constantly? Why "Senator Smalley"? All of those things are standard fare when ranting on a blog, but Mattera just gives Franken reason after reason after reason to avoid addressing the underlying question. Dumb.

    And the thing about being allowed time to express breast milk? Pure ignorance. It's not about taking infants to work, it's about being able to express the breast milk, i.e. with a breast pump, when the woman needs to do so.