Friday, July 31, 2009

They Can't Run An Automobile Rebate Program, Let's Give Them Our HealthCare.

This Is A Classic Example. Cash For Clunkers. Govt Gives You Money Tward A New More Efficient Vehicle. They Take Your Old Vehicle and Destroy It. The First Thing Is They Are Pissing Away A Huge Revenue Stream By Not Stripping Them For Parts. Those "clunkers" Are Money That The Govt Is Quite Literally Throwing Away. Second, The Freaking Program Ran Outta Money In 4 Days. 1 Billion dollars In 4 Days. Do The Math Thats Somthing Like 220 Thousand Cars At $4500 Per Car. That Doesnt Seem To Add Up So There Must Be Some Waste There Somewhere. So 4 Days 1 Billion Dollars And Now Congress Passes ANOTHER 2 BILLION. So I Guess thats Funding For 8 More Days. And In 8 Days How Much Will They Need? And Where The HELL Are They Getting This 2 Billion From? Obama Himself Said We're Outta Money. Just Keep On Spending And Printing More Money Until We're Using The Dollar For Toilet Paper. Great Job Barry.

Secret service Points Guns At Tea Party Protesters?

Gateway Pundit Is Reporting That Tea Party Protesters Had Guns Pointed At Them By The Secret Service In Virginia. Click HERE For Details.Here Is The Picture Of The Incident.
To All Of My Fellow Tea Partiers, Do Not Let This Intimidate You. Because That Is What It Was Meant To Do. If Anything This Should Fire You Up To Do More. If Youre As Pissed About This As I Am, Use That Energy To Make DAMN Sure That This President's Agenda Goes Down In Flames. Show Them We Are Not Scared And We Will NEVER Back Down.
Join Us On 8-22-09 In Protest Outside Of Every Office Of Clair McCaskill And Russ Carnahan. St. Louis Tea Party .com Has More Info.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

UPDATE:Gas Is Too Cheap Guy Responds. Calls Tea Partiers Homicidal Bigots.

I Was Wrong About This Guy Being With The Group RePower America. He Says He Is Not. Here's The Very Classy Letter I Received From Him:

Hi, I'm the guy featured in one of the videos you put up talking about the cap-and-trade bill, the one whom you said this about:

"This Guy Was Not Uninformed Like Most Of Those In His Group. He Just Doesn't Care. He's Under The Impression That Higher Energy Prices Will HELP The Average Family Buy That Electric Car."

I want to let you know that I'm pretty pissed off actually, and I think you're a stooge for not letting me know that you were going to put this video in the public domain, much less put it up with an insulting caption attached to it in a mischaracterizing context. Not only was the video cut off, but you assumed that I was with the group RePower America, which I'm not. You clearly had no interest in getting at the perspective I may have brought to the issue, instead only going for the "gotcha" moment which never materialized. Rather than include the next 30 seconds of the video, you decided to bail once you realized that I didn't fit the profile of the dumb hippy without any knowledge of the circumstances.

I have to say, you conducted yourself a little better than the others I talked to at the rally (because that's what it was, no progress or real engagement was even attempted). You had nothing to say about the erie similarities between Hitler and Obama's rise to power, you didn't predict the End of Days once, and you didn't even mention the bloodsucking illegal Mexicans you wanted to kill, as several others loudly proclaimed throughout the night. So that's admirable I guess. Still, some of the shit you have on your blog is offensive, disingenuous, and unhelpful to anyone but the balding, obese, unquestioning mass who read it and who probably still believe the CIA faked the moon landing and that the jews brought down the twin towers.

By the way, if you're interested in having a real discussion, provide an email or contact number or something on your blog so that people can respond to you.

See you at the next nutjob rally that no one will pay attention to.

Thoughts And Prayers.

Prayers And Condolences To Jim Hoft Of Gateway Pundit And His Family. Jim Lost His Mother Dorothy Hoft Last Night. Jim Wrote A Touching Piece About His Mother HERE.

Dana Loesch Represents The St. Louis Tea Party Peeps On Fox News.

Great Job Dana.

Jimmy Fallon Goofs On ObamaCare..Kind of.

This is About As Close As Mainstream Media Gets To Making Fun Of The Choosen One.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Senator McCaskill Will Participate In ObamaCare.

While There Were Few Answers To Be Had At This TownHall Due To McCaskill's Abscence. One Little Tid Bit Did Come Up That I Thought Was Interesting. Claire Will Be In Line At The ObamaCare Clinic With The Rest Of Us.

I Aint Buyin' It.
stl activist hub

More From The McCaskill TownHall.

This Guy Was Not Uninformed Like Most Of Those In His Group. He Just Doesn't Care. He's Under The Impression That Higher Energy Prices Will HELP The Average Family Buy That Electric Car.

2004: Obama Bashes Bush For Passing Legislation With Out Reading It.

Naked Emperor News Uncovered This Latest Obama Hypocrisy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Report From The TownHall Meeting W/ Senator McCaskill's Rep.

The Townhall Meeting Was So Well Attended They Had To Move From A Conference Room To The Cafeteria. Hundreds Turned Out, Mostly To Voice Their Opposition To Senator McCaskill's Position On Cap And Trade And HealthCare Reform. I Almost Felt Sorry For McCaskill's Rep. There Was A 30 Person Deep Line To Speak. Almost Everyone Who Spoke Was opposed To The Senator's Positions And They Were Fired Up. It Was Like A Firing Squad. But There Were Those In Attendance That Support The Senator's Position. A Group Called Repower America Was There To Push The Cap And Tax Bill. But They Were Heavily Out Numbered. So I Decided To Ask Them A Few Questions. Here's A Couple Short And Sweet Interviews More To Come Soon. But First, The Quote That Is The Subject Of These Interviews:


This Guy Wrote Me A Very Interesting Email.
MainStream Media Alert! Leisa Zigman From KSDK Was Covering The Event. Will She Report The Real Story? I Hope So!
Even More Coverage Of This TownHall Can Be Found At ReBoot Congress and P/OedPatriot

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Proof That California's Schools Are Top Notch.

Ladies And Gentlemen I Give You A Product Of The Liberal Utopia, California.
"We Can Be Rich In Cotton And Mining Metals, And SilkWorms. And We Can Make Things...Cars.The Machine Can Make It For Us"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More From The Alton Tea Party Protest!

Bill Hennessy Gets The Crowd Fired Up.

John West Gave A Rousing, Patriotic Speech On The Mic. He Had A Few Words To Say After The Proceedings As Well. You Can Visit His Website HERE.

Fellow Blogger Reboot Congress Doin His Thing.
The P-Oed Patriot Was There As Well.

Fortune Mag: 5 Freedoms You'll Lose under Obama's "HealthCare Reform"

Click HERE For This AWESOME Article.

Cartoon Of The Day.

There's A Great Book On This Issue. Censorship: The Threat to Silence Talk Radio By Brian Jennings.

Alton Tea Party A Success!

Turns Out Our Patriot Friends In Illinois Are Just As Pissed As We Are On The MO Side Of The River. Close To 1000 Patriots Showed Up In Riverfront Park In Alton Illinois On Saturday To Voice Their Displeasure With The President's Handling Of The Economy And HeathCare Reform. The Message Was Clear. Time To Keep The Pressure On In Ill And MO. Call Your Congressman And Senators Tell Them To Oppose Cap And Trade And ObamaCare. The Poll Numbers Dropping And The Delay On The HealthCare Bill Until After August Is A Sign That The Pressure Is Getting To Them. America Is Waking Up!
Here's A Bunch Of Pics Video Coming Soon.

Meet The Uninsured.

Click HERE For The Artist's Website.

Friday, July 24, 2009

President Obama's First 6 Months In 4mins.

Worst Ever.

Break Out the Protest Signs. Saturday Tea Party Protest In Alton ILL.

Time To Keep The Pressure On. Saturday At 5:30 Pm Get Out To RiverFront Park In Alton Ill. Just On The Other Side Of The Bridge. (HWY 367)Bill Hennesy Will Be Speaking Among Others. Click HERE For More Info. Join Me There And Show Them We Are Not Satified And We Will Not Fade Away.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smoke'm If You Got'em. Congress puts HealthCare Boondogle On Hold Untill After The August Recess.

Congress Told Barack To Take A Cig Break On The Destruction Of HealthCare Till After August. This Is A Small Victory But This Is Far From Over. We NEED To KEEP THE PRESSURE ON! Call Your Representatives in Congress And Your Senators Over The Summer Break. Attend Any Open To The Public Events That They're At And Make Your Views Known! We Can Keep This Socialism From Taking Over Our Free Market System. If You Don't Know How To Get In Touch With Your Senator Or Congressman Click HERE
Heres Some Brilliant Analysis From Charles Krauthammer.

God, I Hope He's Right!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liberal Tolerance Alert. Conservative Kiosk Evicted From Mall

A Kiosk Called "Free Market Warrior" Was Evicted From The Concord Mills Mall In Charlotte North Carolina This Week. This Kiosk was Welcomed Into The Mall A Few Months Ago. But When The Manager Of The Mall Saw What They were Selling. They Were Kicked Out.
What Could He Have Been Selling To Garner This Response? Was He Selling Pornography? Drugs? Guns? Nope, Worse. He Was Selling Conservative Items! OHH GOD! It Was Terrible. Pro Life T-Shirts, Anti-Obama Materials and The Most Disturbing Of All Anti-IRS Toilet Paper. Thank God They Removed This Kiosk Before These Items Corrupted The Youth Of North Carolina.
Why Would The Manager Of This Mall Want To Get Rid Of This Kiosk? Because He's A BIG Time Donor To The Democrats And Specifically Obama.
Of Course The Mall Is Privately Owned And They Can Lease To Whoever They Want. But This Mall Also Houses Stores That Sell Pro-Drug T-shirts. So Pro-Drug Good. Pro-Life Bad.
Liberal Tolerance.
Click Here For The Story And Video.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama Already Talking About Denying Care.

No Operation For You Grandma. You're Too Old And And We Don't Waste That Kind Of Money On Old People. You Just Take These Cheap Rush Limbaugh Pills Until You Die. Oh, And Speaking Of That. Could You Go Ahead And Die Soon. It Would Really Help Us Out. We'll Pay For It! We'll Call It "Assisted Suicide" Die With Dignity. Or Not. Just Die....Soon. C'mon Take One For The Team.

I don’t think that we can make judgments based on peoples’ spirit,” Obama said. … “Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking painkillers.“
This Is The Fundamental Problem He Wants Government To Make Judgments About Your HealthCare. That's The "We" He's Referring To. He's Already Screwed Up Enough. I Don't Need Him In My Doctors Office. Hands Off My HealthCare Barry!

DIXIECRAT UPDATE: Harry Alford Says “She loves black folks in their place”

Looks Like Sharp Elbow's Political Analysis Was Perfectly Executed On This One. Mr. Alford Just Confirmed What I Wrote Last Friday About His Confrontation With Barbara Boxer. Click Here To See That Post

Bubbles, Distraught Over The Death Of Former Owner Michael Jackson, Has Turned To Crime!

Ok It's Not Bubbles. But I Couldn't Resist.

View more news videos at:

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Obama Appointee Once Called For "Planetary Regime" "Forced Abortions" and "Mass Sterilization" In 1977 Book.

Ever Wonder Why Obama Is Called A Radical Or An Extremist In Some Circles? This Might Be A Clue. He Associates With Radicals. Rev. Wright, William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Railia Odinga. Now President Obama Appointed John Holdren To Be "Science Czar".
In 1977 John Holdren Co Authored A Book Called "Eco science Population,Resources,Environment" In Which He Calls For A "Planetary Regime" With Power To Control Population By Use Of Forced Abortions And Mass Sterilization.
Yes You Read That Right. Sounds Pretty Extreme To Me.
Here Are Some Scans Of The Portions Of The Book I Have Referred To. Click To Enlarge Them. Click HERE For The Zomblog Article With More Info.

Great Video Explaining Obama Care. Pass This One On!

4 Minutes Of Truth.
This One Below Is Good Too.

Freudian Slip By Obama.

UPDATE: Even More Stimulus Waste Found.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cartoon Of The Day: Double Standard

Red Planet Cartoons

And They Said The Stimulus Wasn't Pork!

Once Again Props To GatwayPundit On This One.
Barry's Stimulus Went To ACTUAL PORK. $1,191,200 Of Your Money That Was Supposed To Be Used To "Stimulate" The Economy Was Used For "2 Pounds FROZEN HAM Sliced" OVER 1.1 MILLION DOLLARS On 2 Pounds Of Ham. Proof Below. Click The Image To Enlarge It.

UPDATE: The Same Company Has A Contract for Another 2 Pounds Of Ham Set For September. This Time For Over 2.5 MILLION Dollars. Click Here To See The Proof On Obama's Website THAT'S A GRAND TOTAL OF $3,722,800 FOR 4 POUNDS OF HAM!! Remind Me Again How Ham Stimulates The Econcomy.

Happy Murder Anniversary Ted Kennedy!

40 Years Ago Democrat Leader Teddy Kennedy Drove Himself And A Young Lady Named Mary Jo Kopechne Into A Lake. Teddy Proceeded To Save Himself And Leave The Scene, Not Bothering To Try To Save Her. He Went Home And Went To Bed And Did Not Inform The Authorities UNTIL THE NEXT DAY. Of Course It Was Too Late By Then.
GateWay Pundit Has A Great Post With More Details HERE.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dixiecrat Alert!!! Barbara Boxer Lets Her Mask Slip.

Excuse Me Mr. Black Man. You're Black, Your Opinion Has Already Been Formed For You. We Need All Of You To Know Your Place. Stop Thinking For Yourself.
UPDATE:Harry Alford Responds.

Who's The Liar? Obama Then Or Obama Now?


If You Weren't Worried Yet. Be Worried Now. Obama Says HealthCare "Reform" IS Coming This Year.

This Is It. This Isn't A Little Tax Hike. This Isn't The Government Take Over Of GM. This Isn't One Of Those Things That Obama Does That Won't Effect You. This Is You And Your Family's Very Life And Health At Stake. Your Freedom To Decide For Yourself What is In Your Best Interest.
This Bill Will Put Government In Between You And Your Doctor. It's An Absolute Maze Of Government Red Tape. This Bill Creates 31 NEW GOVERNMENT AGENCIES!!! And You Think Your Insurance Company Is Bad. Look At The Below Diagram. Click To Enlarge It.

And Don't Buy It When They Say " Anyone Who Likes Their HealthCare Plan Now, Can Keep It". BULLS**T! This Bill Forbids Employers From Adding New Members To Their Insurance Plans On The Day ObamaCare Goes Into Effect. So Eventually The Private Insurance Companies Will "Whither On The Vine" To Quote Newt.
So For God's Sake Call Your Congressman And Senators And Tell Them Nicley Where They Can Put Their HealthCare "Reform".
In MO, Clair McCaskill's Office # Is 314-367-1364

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Genius V.P. : ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’

Joe Biden Saying Stupid Things Is Such A Common Occurrence That He's Almost Not Worth Listening To. But He Dropped A Glittering Jewel Of Stupidity On Thursday. Something So Stupid That It Scares Me Because I Think He And Obama Believe It. He Actually Said: ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’
Umm, Did I Wake Up In The Bizzaro World? I Thought That Spending More Money Than You Have Causes Bankruptcy. Well, He Is The Vice President. He Must Be Right. Right? I Mean He's Highly Educated. He Must Know Of Some Magical Way Of Spending.
To Hear This Absolutely Dumbfounding Statment For Yourself Check Out The Vid Below.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morons See Michael Jackson In A Tree Stump.

Not Only Do They See Michael Jackson In Their Tree. It's A Religious Experience Because Michael Jackson Was "even with Jesus".

In A Related Story, Dumbass Sees MJ In A Reflection In His Car. Click HERE.

VIDEO: Michael Jackson's Head On Fire!

Nothing To Say Except OUCH! Click Here For The US Magazine Article That Accompanied The Video.

Obama Tells Joe Buck, "We're Out Of Money" At The All Star Game.

After Throwing Out The First Pitch At The Allstar Game (and getting boo'ed while doing it) Obama Went Up To The Booth To Talk To Joe Buck. Where He Proceeds To Tell Joe That "Were Out Of Money". Hes Not Exaggerating. Every Dollar He Has Spent And Will Spend Is Borrowed From China. So If There Is No Money Left Why Is He Pushing Socialized HealthCare? Thats Gonna Cost Trillions Of Dollars And More Than A Few Lives. Why Don't You Find Somewhere To Cut The Budget Barry Since "We're Out Of Money". I Know When I'm Low On Cash I Tend To Spend Less. Not Barack, He's Like A College Kid Who's Daddy Gave Him A Credit Card. Daddy Will Pay The Bill. Unfortunately We're Daddy. And Daddy Is Broke At The Moment.
So Go Back To D.C. And Figure Out A Way To Spend Less. Oh Nice Mom Jeans By The Way. He's Such A Nerd.

And Here Is Barry Getting Boo'ed In His Mom Jeans. Nice Job St. Louis You Made Me Proud.

Note The Driver Of Stan Musial's Golf Cart. He Wants NOTHING To Do With Obama. LOL

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hundreds Turn Out In Clayton To Protest ObamaCare.

It Was A Pretty Good Turn Out For This Hastily Organized Rally In Clayton Saturday Morning. First Conceived 9 Days Ago, This Rally Was Designed To Send A Message To Senators McCaskill And Bond That We ARE NOT Down With Government Control Of Our HealthCare. WE ARE NOT Down With Another Bill That Will Change The Lives Of Every American Being Rushed Through With Out Serious Debate Or Even Time Enough To Read The Bill. Just Like They Did With The "Stimulus Bill" And The "Cap And Tax" Bill. If They're Legislation Is Sooo Great, Why Cant We See The Bill??? As Usual I Was There Taking Pics.