Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Official, Ed Martin Is In!

Ed Martin officially announced his candidacy for congress Wednesday evening. In front of about 500 people in the parking lot of McArthurs Bakery, Ed made it clear that it's time to send Russy boy home.

Before Ed Came To The Stage, David McArthur read a stirring letter from his his son, a Marine who is currently fighting over seas.
Then it was time for the man of the hour. Ed hit the stage....after climbing a ladder to get there. They didn't get giant checks from the unions like Russy does. So Ed's campaign makes do with whats available. Whatever it takes.
Here is the actual announcement. It is OFFICIALLY ON!!
It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows...the opposition was in full effect!

Best Sign Of The Evening!

Buh Bye ButtHead...I Mean Russ. I Get Confused Sometimes. Common Mistake.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are You F#*%ing Kidding Me?

Mindless Obama Drones Pray To Their Master.

This Guy Wasn't Kidding.

Dan Rather loses $5 MILLION in failed suit against CBS!

Dan Rather gets fired for KNOWINGLY using FORGED documents to slander a sitting President in the middle of an election. What does he do? The same thing we would all do in a situation where we are completely in the wrong, we file a law suit! Rather spent 5 million of his own dough on this thing. He must have thought he had an air tight case. The judge didn't think so, he just threw the case out! Ha Ha indeed.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hillsboro Asks Ed!

On the shore of Raintree Lake, in the backyard of a supporter, Congressional Candidate Ed Martin addressed a crowd of 75-100 people in Hillsboro Monday evening. He took questions most of the night. A couple examples below.
Russ has yet to have that townhall on manners. Or any townhall for that matter.

I got my question in, and I liked the answer!


Just Look At What He's Done With Chicago, Of Course We Elected Him!

With any luck the whole country will be like this soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Al Qeada Goes Gay!

Al Gayda!

His rainbow turban didn't tip anyone off?

Clip From Huck's Speech To The Take Back America Conference.

In this first clip Huck reminds us that HE was an "OG." when it comes to opposing bailouts, as he opposed the Bush bailout last year.

And as you may or may not have seen from my earlier post. I interviewed Gov. Huckabee briefly.

The AMA, American Family Association, had exclusive rights to to all video of this conference. The representatives from the AMA were SUPER COOL to me and allowed me to film as long as I don't post the entire speech and only post it on my site(no youtube) So Thank You to the AMA. Go buy the DVD of this event on their website HERE!

Eagle Forum Leads The Charge "To Take Back America"

The Take Back America Conference was a 2 day event at the Frontenac Hilton in St. Louis. There were numerous speeches and forums over the two days. Dana Loesch, Kevin Jackson and Jim Hoft sat on a new media panel on Friday. Speeches were given by Joe "The Plumber", Michelle Bachmann and Governor Mike Huckabee among others.
Before the speeches began for the evening I ran into State Representative Cynthia Davis. She told me an interesting story about her attempting to contact HER Representative.

Joe "The Plumber" was nice enough to talk to me. We kinda bonded over our similar blue collar lifestyle.

After that it was speech time. I will bring you clips soon. Huckabee was REALLY good. He wasn't my guy last election but he really impressed me last night. More to come...

Huckabee: Pelosi Will Over Play Her Left Hand.

I attended the "How To Take Back America Conference" Saturday evening. I was able to get a short interview with Gov. Mike Huckabee.


I'm proud to do MY part in raising awareness about the fight against breast cancer.

Rapist Director Roman Polanski Arrested!

It's About Time. He has been evading arrest for years by hiding out in Europe. This POS raped a 13 year old girl in 1977. Time to pay.
More Detais HERE.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coming Soon. Sharp Elbow's Exclusive Interview With Governor Mike Huckabee!!

Hannity DESTROYS G20 Protester Commies!

"Tell me why anyone would ever need to make more than $500,000 a year."

Uhh, maybe because this is America and they can if they want to and have the ability to..dumb commie b*#ch. They feel absolutely entitled to other people's property. These two dummies should go live under Chavez and shut the hell up. Because America aint going along with your Marxist BullSh*t!

It's scary to me that after what Reagan did, winning the cold war, watching communism collapse in Russia, as it will everywhere it is tried, we still need to fight this crap. History has proven Communism and Socialism DON'T WORK! Why don't people get it?

"We're America, we can do it better!" Ummm...NO! You can't Do Socialsm "Better" You Cant Do Communism "Better". An evil system is an evil system.
(sorry about the language in this post...communism makes me angry.)

"If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It."

(click to enlarge)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ed Martin Rally 9-30-09! "Special Announcement!"

Buh Bye Russ

Be There. I Will.

Gordon Brown Pesters Barry For A Meeting.

P.M. Gordon Brown was denied a meeting with Obama this week...5 times. The UK Telegraph reports that Brown even made a "Policy change" in an attempt to secure a one on one appearance w/ Barry. Apparently the snubbing is a reaction to the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

I just thought it was funny...the visual of Gordon Brown on the phone like a grade school girl with a crush. Calling over and over. I have documented Brown's man crush for Barry before. So as I'm writing this I really don't know which way to go with this one. You tell me, I set up a poll on the side of the page. Go vote.
hat tip P/Oed Patriot.

More Indoctrination Of School Children.

Nothing Wrong There!

There Is Clearly An Attempt To Get Liberalism In Children's Heads Early. Just like the President's speech to school kids. Just like the recent conference call with NEA where they dicuss how to use the NEA to furthur Obama's agenda. Obama thinks he can just do as he pleases....NOT WITH MY KID....BACK OFF BARRY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Barry Refers To Himself At A Dizzying Pace At The UN.

Here's all the Me's I's And My's from Obama's "America Sucks" speech at the UN today.

I heard this on Hannity today and it inspired me.

Hannah Giles Art!

Pure Awesomeness!!!!!!!

Found This on Hot Air Via Twitter

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

St. Louis Supports The Honduran Constitution!

Jim Hoft summarises the story of what actually happened for those who turned out at Papagayos on Manchester. They gathered in front of this Honduran eatery to send a message to Obama. Stop siding with dictators and thugs! Stop undermining our elections! Stop meddling in Honduran affairs! The removal of Zelaya was REQUIRED by the Honduran Constitution. Back Off Barry!

I missed this rally. Little Sharp Elbows had volleyball practice. A daddy promise must not be broken!

My good freinds Reboot Congress, The P/Oed Patriot, and A Traditional Life Lived held down the fort on this one. Great Job Patchy Poo, DSM and RAMBO!!!

Old Guy Takes Out Punk A$$ Bank Robber!

Professor ZO Breaks Down ACORN's Racism!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gibson Show Smashes The Left's Racism Claims.

This Caller's Argument Disproves The Left's Claim That Criticism Of Obama Is Racist.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drip...Drip...Drip..ACORN Child Prostitution Tape Number 5.

This Time The ACORN Worker Offers To Help Smuggle The Underage Girls Across The Border. He Also Tries To Solicit Sex From The "Prostitute".

Dana Releases The FIRE!!

Here's Dana Loesch's Quincy Tea Party Address. Check This Out And See Why 97.1 Talk Here In St. Louis Gave Her A Daily Show.

Thanx to Reboot Congress for being a tireless video shootin' maniac!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I saw this baby on the street and he called me a cracker.

Terrorist Douche Bags Blow Themselves Up!

I Love it!
via The Real Revo

ACORN Crime School In California Includes Tips On Murder...Yes, Really.

This makes 4 ACORN offices that offered advice on everything from child prostitution to murder....SICK. Our wonderful President who was a member of ACORN and their lawyer at one point of course never saw or heard about any illegal activities. He also never heard Rev. Wright say anything odd, never hung out with terrorist bombers Ayers and Dohrn, never spoke to Rasheed Khalidi, Never knew John Holdren called for forced abortions, never knew Van Jones was a truther/communist..ect...ect. Is he the least observant President in history? Or is he just as radical as those who he associates with?
"I picked up the gun and said "f*ck you" and I shot him. And he died. Right there. But before that I had laid some ground work" Sounds like premeditated murder to me.

Congress Shall Make NO Law.....Dems Piss on the 1st Amendment

In reaction to Joe Wilson's TRUTHFUL outburst during Barry's speech last week, the Democrats passed new House Rules today abridging the freedom of speech. From now on the Democrats will be policing what is said about Chairman Mao.....I mean Barack Obama on the house floor. One more example of the complete and utter disdain these leftists have for our founding document.

Here is the list of THINGS THAT CANNOT BE SAID on the House floor.

• call the President a “liar.”
• call the President a “hypocrite.”
• describe the President’s veto of a bill as “cowardly.”
• charge that the President has been “intellectually dishonest.”
• refer to the President as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”
• refer to alleged “sexual misconduct on the President’s part.”

(Click the above list to see the full Glen Thrush article.)
Meanwhile, where were these people when this BullSh#t happened?

Monday, September 14, 2009

The "Quincy 3" = LIARS, COMMUNISTS.

I was honored to be contacted by Roger Stone today. He read my post about the 3 protesters who showed up to the Quincy Tea Party. After reading my account of what happened he thought it was pretty odd that their account was so different.
Remember, I made an effort to make these guys feel welcome. Because of how I was treated at the PrObamaCare Rally I wanted to treat these guys with respect. I know what it's like to be harassed because you don't agree with those around you. I heard others tell them they were welcome there too.

So lets see what their side of the story is. This message was sent to Roger Stone's Email box at his website Stone Zone:

We are the Quincy 3- the counter-demonstrators who execised our right to attend the so-called Quincy Tea Party in Washington park and sought to disrupt the speak of Republican Dirty Trickster Roger Stone.

We informed and Quincy Tea Party organizers we would confront STONE who stole the election from Al Gore in Florida in 2000.

We yelled “Republican Lies” and were jostled and spit at after being quickly surrounded until Quincy police officers told us it would be safer if we left and event security for the suggested we leave.

Quincy police and event security people were polite and friendly although many in crowd were menacing so we took our leave. We were called communist when only one of us is an avowed Marxist while the other two of us are military veterans who saw combat and saw our countrymen die in a senseless war over OIL !

Bush destroyed the American Economy and showed the basic corruption of the Capitalist system. Obama understands the need for redistribution of the wealth thru higher taxes on the rich and government run healthy care option for the poor and the underclasses.

We made our statement. The collection of birthers,gun-nuts,minute-men,militias,birchers,Ron Paulites,gathered in Washington Park scared the hell out of us…and should scare America.

They spell just as bad in email as they do on their protest signs.
These 3 extremists were looking to provoke a fight, and it didn't happen. So they slunk away like cowards. No one spit on them, no one "jostled" them.(a Marine worried about being "jostled")

Also I was standing RIGHT THERE when they left, they spoke to NO police or authorities of any kind. They walked away with a guy with a camera and a tripod, presumably to be interviewed.

I remember this clearly because Dana Loesch came up to me and suggested we go make funny faces behind them while they were being interviewed. She's a bad influence on me. lol. I never saw them again after that. They could've spoken to authorities after that, but the rest of their story was BS why should we buy that part?

Imagine, complaining about being called a communist while standing next to a guy with a hammer and sickle shirt and another dude with a "smash catipOlism" sign. Smells like commies to me. And if not, "Smash CapitOlism" is favor of what? The Indian Caste System? Give Me A Break.

THE "QUINCY 3" ARE LYING COMMUNISTS. (that's redundant isn't it?)

Yet Another ACORN Pimpin' Class. This Time In NY.

Time Lapse Video Of The 9-12-09 D.C. Protest,

That is Clearly Only 10 Thousand People.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tons Of Video and More Pics From Quincy.

Michael Patrick Leahy Lays It Out Alinsky Style!

The Greatest Tattoo EVER!

Glen Reynolds Was Nice Enough To Let Me Piggyback On His Interview With Roger Stone.

Andrew Breitbart And Glen Reynolds "InstaPundit" Two GIANTS Of The New Media.

Kevin Jackson Of The Black Sphere and Author Of" The Big Black Lie" Broke It Down For Us.

Bill Hennessy Was Fired Up.
Jim Hoft "Gateway Pundit" Spoke About the Van Jones Issue.

My Camera Battery Died So I dont Have Video Of All The Speakers. These Patriots Also Addressed The Crowd.

Former State Senator John Loudon.

Radio Show Host And All Around FIRECRACKER Dana Loesch Spoke.

Dr.Gina Loudon.

The Man Who Will Unseat Russ Carnahan: Ed Martin.

Becky From Touched With Fire (pictured below) Another St Louis Blogger Was Also There. Along With ReBoot Congress, A Traditional Life Lived, Keyboard Militia, Founding Bloggers.. It Was Almost A Blogger Convention.

All Around, A Great Success And A Helluva Good Time!

Media Lies To Cover MASSIVE DC Protest

Click HERE For Even More Proof Of Over 1 Million Protesting In DC On 9-12-09.

Props To Gateway Pundit And Moderate In The Middle

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Huge Counter Protest At Quincy.

3. Yes, 3 counter protesters showed up at The Quincy Tea Party. I was almost persuaded by the gentleman's "Smash CapitOlism" sign. GENIUS!

Despite their counter protest many people including myself spoke to these guys and welcomed them. Two of them appeared to be veterans. One had an Army jacket on and another had a USMC tattoo. I thanked them both for their service. They left pretty quick, probably because they didn't get the reaction they were looking for.

Seems to me I remember a conservative entering a pro-Obama rally and being told to leave because they didn't agree. And that guy wasn't there to protest but merely to observe. That's the difference between libs and conservatives. Libs claim to have the monopoly on tolerance while conservatives are the truly tolerant ones.

12000 People Converge On Quincy ILL

We all know the main event was in DC today. Some of those who couldn't make the trip to our nation's capital came to Quincy ILL to protest this federal takeover of our country. Those who spoke included Michael Patrick Leahy author of "Rules For Conservative Radicals", Jim Hoft GateWay Pundit, Dana Loesch of 97.1's The Dana Show, ACORN killer Andrew Breitbart, and Glen Reynolds InstaPundit and many more. Here Are Some Pics. Video Coming Soon.

Over 2 MILLION Protest Obama In D.C.

Great Job Patriots! My Good Friend Patch Of The P/Oed Patriot Attended The D.C. Protest. Keep Your Eyes On His Blog For A Full Report. I Spoke To Him By Phone While He Was At The Protest. He Said It Was An Amazing Crowd. He Tells Me The Official Estimate From The Parks Dept In D.C. Was Just Over 2 MILLION People! Although Every MSM Report I See Says Thousands Or Tens Of Thousands. We All Know This Media Is A Full Blown Accomplice For Obama At This Point. They Will Cover For Him For The Rest Of Eternity.

Umm WOW!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Funny: The Conservative Dog.

Props To The Wilkow Majority.

2nd ACORN Office Helps Set Up Prostitution Ring.

So much for that whole isolated incident defense.
"Keep It Real!"

Well we've all said it from time to time. Pimpin' Aint Easy! Luckily we have organizations like President Obama's own ACORN. Who provide such a wonderful service to their community like the Pimpin' 101 class that you just witnessed. Thank God The President has ACORN working on the census. What Could go wrong?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

SICK: ACORN Helps Set Up Child Prostitution Ring.

Your tax dollars hard at work.
When is the govt going to do something about this criminal organization? Obama needs to step up and at the very least remove ACORN from working on the census. You want one of these people knocking on your door?
Here are the un edited tapes.

Seems to me I remember something about a Presidential Candidate being a member of ACORN. I don't remember who it was.. I'll go turn on CNN they'll have all those details...right?
Props To Big Government dot com

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WOAH! GOP Rep Calls Obama On His LIE Mid Speech.

This dude has got a pair!

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) says this about H.R. 3200, the Obamacare bill approved just before the recess by the House Energy and Commerce Committee chaired by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-CA:“Under H.R. 3200, a ‘Health Insurance Exchange’ would begin operation in 2013 and would offer private plans alongside a public option…H.R. 3200 does not contain any restrictions on noncitzens—whether legally or illegally present, or in the United States temporarily or permanently—participating in the Exchange.” (via Hot Air)
So Joe Wilson was %100 CORRECT!
And Yes The Dems Did the Same Thing To Bush...So Spare Us The Righteous Indignation.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baron Hill Lets Us Know Who The Boss Is.

More arrogance from the ruling class.
via The Real Revo
This from the same guy who called his constituents "Political Terrorists"

2010 is coming and douche bags like this guy are going!

The Boys From Dragnet School Barry.

Just The Facts.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tough Questions At The Ohio AstroTurf For America Event.

A Woman After My Own Heart. This Is From An Ohio Blog Called HourGlass1941
I love to watch them display their arrogance. They think they're above having to answer to the people who they were elected to represent.

Friday, September 4, 2009

White House Stands By Communist, 9-11 Truther, EnviroNazi Van Jones.

The more I see of this type of thing from the administration, the more I buy into the theory that Barry plans to be a one term President. He has appointed all these crazy people to make as much "change" as possible as quickly as possible. He says make change I say cause damage. Get them in there, socialize as much as possible before America wakes up. By the time we do wake up it may be too late.
Hat Tip Gateway
And Here Is Your "Green Jobs" Czar's Favorite Song...He Produced This Track. That's Right, He's not Only A Commie, 9-11 Truther, EnviroNazi, He's apparently Dr. Dre Too!!

Verum Serum Tracked This One Down.

Jim Hoft Deserves A Freaking Award Or Something. Gateway Pundit Has Broken This Van Jones Thing WIDE Open! Great Job Jim!!!

Van Jones Involved In Truther Crap As Early As 2002!

Jim Hoft At Gateway Pundit Is ALL OVER this!
"The White House Has Been Watching Him EVER SINCE HE'S BEEN ACTIVE IN OAKLAND!" Which means they knew how radical he was and they just wanted to slip this one by us. Well you're busted. So fire his ASS this weekend, Barry!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Democrat Strategery On The HealthCare Debate: CANNIBALISM

I had heard that the Obama administration was talking about a change in strategy, but eating people? Wow that's pretty hardcore.
Maybe the theory that all his supporters are zombiez is true. Zombified Obamabots out to feast on the flesh of those who oppose their master.

Something For The Kids

In Light Of Obama's Upcoming Attempt To Plant Himself Into Your Kid's Brain. Maybe Show This One To The Kids.
P.S. Little Sharp Elbows Gets To Stay Home From School On Tuesday. We're Going to Read And Talk About The Constitution. It's Not Gonna Be A Vacation Day. I Encourage Others To Do Something Similar If You're Keeping Your Kids Out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Even More Radical Words From Barry's "Green Jobs" Czar, Van Jones

I thought Obama Was Supposed To Bring Us Together.
UPDATE: He's A 9-11 Truther Too.

The Administration Has Yet To Even Address This. They Cant Be Ignorant Of This. Can They? So The Administration Is Either Incompetent Or They Agree With Him. Which Is It? Cause There Aint No In Between! The Silence Is Deafening.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

UPDATE:$45000!! Whole Foods BUYcott A Huge Success!

If Ya Don't Know What A BUYcott is Let Dana Loesch Explain:

"Bigger than the grand opening." one Whole Foods employee told me, as people streamed into the store. That was backed up by these regular Whole Foods shoppers that I spoke to.

We collected the receipts from those there to support the buycott. I am excited to hear the totals. I held the bag full of receipts, it was HEAVY.

Obama's Green Jobs Czar and Admitted Communist : "Republicans Are Assholes"

If he's the president of all Americans why does he appoint such divisive people to his team? Time for this jerk off Van Jones to step down.

Why the hell do they blame republicans? They have 60 votes in the senate and 10 million votes in the house. PASS THE BILL WUSSIES.

Props To Gateway Pundit

Crapped Out

Looks Like Barry Stayed Too Long At The Hot Table.

Dem Organizer Instructs His Minions On How To Shut Down Debate.

How lame are these fools? They do everything they can to keep conservatives out, and if one dares to speak up they're gonna shut'em down. Dissent was a great patriotic thing when they were protesting the war. Now dissent must be silenced.Via GateWay Pundit
These People Are Little B*TCHES! Afraid Of Debate.