Friday, December 31, 2010

Lefty Conspiracy Theory: Ritalin Turning Children Into Conservatives!

"Are we turning our children into conservatives by medicating them?"

Nope, we're turning our children into conservatives by EDUCATING them.

Hat Tip: Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney. Stellar work again Brian!

It's Michael Vick With a Badge. Out Control Cop Shoots/ Kills Dog.

This dog didn't growl or act aggressive at all. The officer is just too incompetent to wrangle this slightly uncooperative dog so he just shoots it instead. Sick.

Dems Warn Incoming Republicans Against "Witch Hunt"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gibbs: 'It's going to be a while' before Gitmo is shut down.

Wait, what? I thought that god..err I mean President Obama said he would close Gitmo with in a year? Why would they have to keep it open? The Chosen One spoke the words doesn't make it a reality? I'm confused.

Click here to read Gibbs' comment.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Neville Chamberlain?

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ht-The Blaze

Megyn Kelly Roasts Weiner!

ht-The Blaze

Van Jones: Nothing Redemptive About This Country.

And the hits just keep coming. In this clip Jones explains that he is most proud of the work he did when he hated America.

Much more coverage of this Van Jones event can be found on my homepage.
The P-Oed Patriot
has more as well.
Thanks to Ben for the audio!