Monday, August 31, 2009

VIDEO: More Harrassment Of Conservatives At ObamaCare Rally.

While ACORN and OFA did everything they could to keep out people who don't think like them, a few conservatives did get in. We saw how they treated me. Let's see how they treat a twenty something young lady who dares not to drink the kool-aid.
(all the action is in the 1st three mins or so) Watch the lady put her hands on the woman with the camera in an attempt to turn her toward the stage. I think the next move was to strap her in a chair and pin her eye lids open with tooth picks.

And this is how they treated us after the protest.

"Go to hell rednecks." Glad to see they're taking the high road.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thought Police At The ObamaCare Rally.

Here's The Run Down On My Visit To Sunday's Pro ObamaCare Rally. First I Was Told That I Was Unwelcome Because Of My Point Of View. Very Tolerant For a Liberal Event.

So The Whiny Guy With The Ponytail And The Beard (Adam Shriver) Followed Me To Make Sure I Didn't "Start Anything". After That He Started Lying To People About Me. As You Hear In This Video He Claims I "Broke Into A Press Conference".I Don't Know How It Is Breaking In To Be Invited. Anyway Adam Shriver Must Be My Biggest Fan Cuz He Knew All My Greatest Hits.
Turns Out He's A Blogger Too. I Know I'd Defend His Right To Come To One Of Our Rallies As Long as He Didn't Cause Trouble. Just Goes To Show, Those Who Claim To Be The Most Tolerant Are Always The Most Intolerant.
After That, My Tea Party Homies On The Other Side Of The Street Decided To Have A Little Fun.

Then Maxine Johnson Of The McCaskill Townhall Sign Incident Showed Up. Fashionably Late Again, Bearing The Same Poster Of Civil Rights Hero Rosa Parks. I Spoke To Her And Her People Briefly, Until Someone Came Up And Dragged Them Away Because God Forbid They Dare Speak To ANYONE Who Doesn't Drink The Obama Kool Aid.
And It Wouldn't Have Been A Democrat Rally Without Exploiting Someone's Death For Political Gain.The Above Sign Was The Only Hand Made Signs I Saw. The Rest Were Mass Produced. You Know You're True Grass Roots When Your Signs Are Mass Produced! Hand Made Signs Were Not Allowed, This Small Pile Was Near The Entrance. Approved Free Speech Only.There Were Signs Demanding Govt Funded Abortion.

So All In All Typical Liberal Event. Give Us Free Stuff And If You Don't Agree Shut The Hell Up And Get Outta Here.

Here's A Great Little Video Put Out By My Boy Patch Over At The P/Oed Patriot .
Gateway Pundit Has Great Coverage Too, As Usual.

Look Who Made An Appearance!

Toon Time!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kirkwood Protest Over Shadowed By O'fallon Protest Success.

While the main event was in Ofallon today. Where nearly 300 people showed up. A small group of patriots gathered in front of Kirkwood city hall to voice their opposition to ObamaCare and Cap and Tax. From 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm they stood with signs and flags. You can join them there every Saturday at 1:00pm.

(told ya, everyone went to Ofallon instead) While the response was mostly positive, We did have one very classy young mother call us "Whack Jobs" as she pushed her baby in a stroller. Also another local man yelled at us to "Go Home". I was able to ask that gentleman why we should leave. Video here.

Mr.Freedom of Speech there huh? I like how he asks "what are you doing?" I'm video taping your intolerance, jerk. He didn't see my camera at first.
I also had a conversation with this lady, she was very nice. However it got a little twilight zone at the end. As you can see in the video below.

TRILLION People, That's One Thousand BILLIONS.

We went from talking billions to talking trillions so damn fast. We need to be reminded of how much dough we're actually spending here.
Stimulus, Bailouts,9000 Earmark Budget, Cash For Clunkers, Spend Spend Spend!
And remember we don't even have the FREAKING money! We're borrowing every penny. So my kids and your kids and their kids can pay it back, with interest. It's flat out immoral to saddle future generations with the consequences of this reckless spending. John McCain said it best, this IS "Generational Theft"
Now they wanna drop another TRILLION on healthcare? And you know that estimate is low.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Shock Video: School security officer threatens arrest over anti-Obama sign.

Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. Should Be Fired. This Is Freaking Scary. Obama Is Building an Army Of These People.
"This Used To Be America!" "Well It Aint No More, Ok?"
No It's Not Ok.

New Law To Give Obama Control Over The Internet.

Yes That's Right "the power to disconnect private sector computers from the Internet." Yet More Proof Of Obama's Attempt at Complete And Total Control. What Possible Explanation Could There Be For President Obama To Shut Down Free Communication? Does The 1st Amendment Not Apply To My Computer? Hell, They Already Own Your Computer If You Went to The Cash For Clunkers Website. (The Video Proof Of This Is At The Bottom Of This Post)So Really, Whats Shutting Down The Whole Internet? No Biggie, Right? Right! Barry Would Never Abuse His Power. How Could Someone Even Think Such A Thing about Our Dear Leader?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Un Freaking Real!

Dem Congressman Demands To See ID Before He'll Answer A Question In A Townhall. I Bet That Same Congressman Opposes ID Checks At Polling Places.

Via Gateway Pundit

HR3200 = IRS In YOUR Bank Account.

Liberals Threw A Cry Baby Pissy Fit When George Bush Listened To Terrorist's Phone Calls. "Wah Wah Wah Civil Liberties Wah Wah" Ok That's Fine I Can Even Get The Point On That One. But Today We Have A Bill(HR3200) In Front Of Congress That Will Give The IRS Total Access To Your Bank Account. Where The Hell Are They Now? Willing To Fight George Bush At Every Turn, Yet So Willing To Bend Right Over For Barry! Can You Say Intellectually Dishonest?

I Don't Wanna Hear Any Crap From Liberals About This. The Man Is Reading Directly From Your Messiah's Scripture. So Don't Bother.

Energy Citizens Unite!

Energy Citizens.Org, A Group Dedicated To Defeating The House Cap And Trade Bill And Promoting American Energy Independence, Held Quite A Lively Event Today At The Downtown Hilton. Complete With A Band Playing Classic Rock Covers. Local Radio Host Jamie Allman And Dave McArthur Of McArthur's Bakery Spoke Along With Several Others. There Were Also Video Presentations Featuring Celebrities Such As Trace Adkins.
Jamie Allman Was Nice Enough to Break It Down For Us.

Hundreds Showed Up To Rally Against The Job Killing Cap And Tax Bill, Including Many Conoco Phillips Employees Who's Jobs Will No Doubt Be Affected. I'm Talking Regular Guys Still In Their Blue Coveralls Not Management. These Men And Women Came To Tell Congress, Senate And The White House: NO, ON CAP AND TAX! And They Left With A Renewed Vigor To Fight.Here Is The Video That Was Shown To Kick Off The Event.

Photos By Robert Brenner

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clear Route For Romney?

With Teddy Gone Romney May Be The Man In MASS. There Is Supposed To Be A Special Election In Less Than 200 Days. That Is If The Democrats Don't Succeed In Changing MASS's Constitution And Take Away The People's Right To Elect Teddy's Replacement.
You Bet Your A$$ They're Trying To Figure Out A Way To Have Deval Patrick Appoint Someone. Don't Give Up Your Choice MASS!
Senator Romney?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ted Kennedy Dead At 77.

UPDATE: Dems Politicize Teddy's Death As Predicted By Many.Details Here.
RIP Senator. I Hope You Squared Yourself With God Before You Went.
I Predict That With In A Week, Obama Politicizes Kennedy's Death To Try And Pass ObamaCare. "Do It For Old Teddy! It Was His Dream!" I Can Hear It Now. Watch.

Yet Another RADICAL In The Obama Administration.

You Thought It Was Bad When He Put A Guy Who Supported Mass Forced Sterilizations, A Planetary Regime And Forced Abortions In Charge Of U.S. Science Policy. Now We Get This Guy! How Many Absolute Nut Jobs Does This Guy Have To Appoint Before People Wake The Hell Up?

Here's My Appearance On The Dana Show!

Dana and I Discuss My Crashing Of The ObamaCare Presser.

Most Arrogant President Ever?

After Living Through The Clinton Years Did You Think It Was Possible To Have A More Egotistical Self Loving President? I First Noted This Arrogance After The President's Georgetown Speech When He Referred To Himself 73 Times In A 4 Page Speech.
The Pic Below Is Of The First Dog "BO". As If Naming The Dog With Your Initials B.O. Wasn't Enough They Walk This Mutt Around On An "I Heart Obama" Leash....Puke.We All Like To Shoot Hoops I Know I Do. I Even Have My Own Basketball, Named It George Just For Fun. I Don't Have My Own Personal Logo On It. And I Certainly Don't Have My Own Personal Logo On EVERY Ball In the House. But Barry Does. I Could Understand Putting The Presidential Seal On The Balls, That Would Actually Be Kinda Cool. Nope, He Puts That Lame Ass O Logo On The Balls. ME ME ME!
It's All About Barry! And We Saw It Again This Week With The Obama Family Vacation. Spending What Some People Make In A Year On Renting A Place To Vacation In. Then Asking The Media And Public To Leave Them Alone. "NO PICTURES!! YOU IGNORANT PLEBES"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sharp Elbows On The Dana Show!

I Will Be Appearing On "The Dana Show" On 97.1 FM In St Louis This Sunday Probably In The 9:00 PM Hour Central Time. Or Check It Out On I-Tunes. Or The Live Stream On

Great Turn Out To Protest Russ Carnahan In Crystal City!!

Hundreds Of Concerned Citizens Showed Up In Front Of Russ Carnahan's Crystal City Office Today. Fed Up With Russ's Obama Kool Aid Drinking, These Folks Took It To The Streets! More Coverage Of Crystal City At The P/Oed Patriot. Coverage From Other Protests Around Town Can Be Found At Gateway Pundit ;A Traditional Life Lived; Dana Loesch

Russ Didn't Have The Guts To Show Up Today So A Registered Dem Left Him A Nice Note!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pro ObamaCare Presser.

Various Pro ObamaCare Groups Convined For A Press Conference Today In So. St Louis. I Decided To Drop By And Bring You The Scoop. Several Religious Leaders And Uppity CEO Types Were In Attendance. I'd Say No More Than 50 People Were There Most Of Them Seemed To Be Religious Leaders Or Organizers Or Press. I Didn't See Anyone That Looked Like A Regular Concerned Citizen Off The Street. I Could Be Wrong Though. It Was Pretty Much A Snoozer Until Rabbi Suzan Talve Spoke.(More On Suzan Talve HERE) By The End Of Her Speech I Was Convinced She Had The Communist Manifesto At The Podium With Her. The Best Portions Are In The Vid Below.

Then It Was Question Time. The First Question Went To A Reporter Who Asked If This Presser Was Timed To Coincide With "The TeaBaggers" Events This Weekend.
That Pissed Me Off So I Kinda Chastised Him In Front Of The Whole Room LOL! So Then It Was My Turn. Everyone On This Panel Was Gung Ho For ObamaCare. So I Asked The Rep. From Pfizer About The Recently Reported Deal Between Big Pharma And The Administration. My Cover Was Blown at This Point And They Did Not Allow Me A Second Question.

The Guy From Pfizer Was Actually Pretty Cool. We Spoke After The Presser, I Asked Him If His Company Supports Any Specific Bill And I Expressed
My Concerns About HR3200 And He Agreed That HR3200 Would Kill Private Insurance. He Told Me Pfizer Is NOT Backing any Specific Legislation.
Click Here For KSDK's Coverage And Full Video Of This Presser.
Thanx To 24thState For The Exra Research On Suzan Talve!

Yeah Arlen, It's The Republicans Who Have Changed.

1994 Arlen Specter OPPOSES Socialized Medicine.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Completely Frivolous Funny Video.

This Guy Is Suicide Bomber Material!

Who Called What President A Nazi?

With Lefty Nut Jobs Screaming Heil Hitler at Jewish People. I Thought It Was A Good Time To Remind Every One Who Called Who Hitler. I Have Yet To See A Swastika Or An "Obama Equals Hitler" Sign At A Tea Party Or Town Hall. But It Wasn't Hard To Pictures Of These Very Respectful Lefty Protests. Even More At Zomblog.

How 'Bout Getting A Straw, CokeHeads?

Gross, The LA Times Is Reporting That %90 Of US Currency Is Tainted With Cocaine. Which Means %90 Of US Currency Has Been Up Someones Nose.... Nasty. This Is Why I Primarily Use A Debit Card. I Don't Know Which Is Worse To Have On Your Money, Blow Or Boogers.

"T-PAW" Knocks It Outta The Park!

Gov. Pawlenty On Real Climate Change And Man Crushes!

2012 Anyone?

Canada's Top Doctor Admits Canada's HealthCare System Is Crap.

“But we can’t just sit back and smugly say we have the best health system in the world while our system is crumbling around us,”
Verum Serum Has A Great Article On This.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Milk Carton Democrats"

Inspired By Gateway Pundit's Post About "Milk Carton Dems" I Made This Video. Don't Give Me Too Much Crap About This. It's My 1st Attempt At Windows Movie Maker.
August Is Almost Over Russ!

Obama To Drop "Public Option"? UPDATE: No Such Luck.

Don't Buy It Till The Bill Is Signed With Out A Public Option. We Have Learned That This Administration Can Be Less Than Honest. It Would Not Surprise Me In The Least If They Pulled A Quick One And Put This Out There Only To Come Back And Ram It Through After The Break. So Lets Not Pound Our Collective Chest Just Yet. We Must Keep The Pressure On. This May Be A Tactic To Get Us To Back Off. Cautious Optimism People.
Saul Alinsky's Rule #8:
"Keep the pressure on. Never let up." Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.
Here's The AP Story That Is Reporting This Wonderful (if it's true) News.
UPDATE: I Knew It Was Too Good To Be True. Sebelius Misspoke.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stimulus Money Used For Big Screens And Brew!

This Is Vote Buying, Plain And Simple.

Gulp. Massive Rally In St. Louis In Support Of ObamaCare.

Thousands.....Wait, I Mean Hundred....Dozens....I Mean One's Of People Showed Up To An ACORN Rally In Support ObamaCare Today In St Louis. This Massive Rally Began At Noon Today. These Pictures And Video Were Taken At Around 1 pm. So I Guess It Was In Full Swing At That Point.

Wow! I Had No Idea The Administration Had This Much Support.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This 1 Minute Video Is Lethal.

"I don't think that we're going to be able to eliminate employer coverage imeadiately."
His True Intentions Are Crystal Clear. Plant The Seeds Of A Single Payer System. Become The Socialist's Ronald Reagan.
But, They're Cracking Under The Pressure Of Little Old Ladies And WWII Vets. To Quote Peggy Noonan "He Stayed Too Long at The Hot Table." And He Just May Have Crapped Out On This One. Assuming WE Keep The Pressure On.
This Vid Is From Reality Check White It's A Great Reference Site For Info On The HealthCare Reform Bill. Hat Tip To GateWay Pundit

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Florida 2000 Hillary? Really? Get Over It Already.

Way To Represent All Americans Madam Secretary.

Bitter Much?
p.s. CNN's Got The High Quality Talent Don't They? She Sounded Like My 10 Year Old Reading.

Not Just The Media Anymore.

This Trend Of Attacking The American People For Speaking Their Minds Is Disturbing. The Media Has Been Doing It All Along. It's Expected Of Them At This Point. But Now Your Own Representatives Are Attacking You...When They're Not Too Busy Taking A Phone Call. 2010 Can't Come Soon Enough. They Just Don't Get It.

Liberal Tolerance In The McCaskill Audience.

If You Read My Previous Post, You Know That I Stood With My Hand Raised For Nearly 2 Hours At The McCaskill TownHall Meeting In Hillsboro MO On Tuesday. I Was Told By Several McCaskill Supporters To Put My Hand Down. At One Point One Of Claire's Staffers Even Gestured For Me To Put My Hand Down. I Did Not Comply. So I Guess The Very Nice Gentleman Next To Me Was Concerned For My Well Being. Because He Offered To Take Me To The Parking Lot For Some Tylenol (for my tired arm). I Thought That Was Nice Of Him. lol You Be The Judge.Veiled Threat Or Concerned Citizen?Listen Closely At The Beginning Of The Clip.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

McCaskill Town Hall Meeting 8-11-09

Senator McCaskill Did Not Take Questions. She Read Questions Written On Cards By People Who Attended This Event. This Tactic Allows The Senator To Waste Time With Long Answers And Also Rules Out Follow Up Questions. I Submitted My Question But I Knew The Chances Were Slim To None That I Would Get Called On. So I Stood...With My Hand Up....For Nearly The Full 2 Hours. I Knew That If I Was Not Disruptive But Persistent She Would Have to Acknowledge Me. And If She Didn't She Would Be Called On It. Finally, As The Event Was Winding Down. Senator McCaskill's Mommy Told Her To Call On Me. So She Did. Please Forgive Me For The Shaky Nature Of The Following Video.
In Her Answer To Me Senator McCaskill Mentioned Tax Incentives To Keep Employers From Dumping Employee Coverage. Unless That Incentive Is Equal To Or Greater Than The Savings That The Employer Will Incur By Dumping Coverage. They Wont Take It. You CAN NOT Legislate Away Profit Motive. And If They Make It Illegal For Employers To Dump Coverage, They'll Cover You Till Your Contract Is Up. Then They Will Simply Not Renew Your Policy Thus ObamaCare Here You Come! She Sited The State Of Massachusetts As An Example. Now Class, What Have We Learned About Mass. And It's HealthCare System? Video Refresher Course Below.

The Carnahan Comedy Tour!

"Coming To A Locked Building Near You"

Media Does CartWheels Over .01 Percent Drop In Unemployment.

Red Planet Cartoons

Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama's Illegal Data Collection.

Snitch Nation

MSNBC Calls YOU a Racist.

Oregon's HealthCare Game Show.

Who's Ready For The Lightening Round?

Both Ways Barry.

Investigation Into The Arizona Mob.

Dana Loesch Interviews Kenneth Gladney.

Listen To This Interview, Arm Yourselves With The Facts Of This Case So You Can Fight the Smear Campaign.
Fact Versus Fiction: Reported By Gateway Pundit

False-- Kenneth was hired by conservatives to stir up the violent attack that put him in the hospital.
Kenneth was there to hand out and sell merchandise.

False-- Kenneth was recently laid off.
Kenneth was unemployed.

False-- Kenneth does not have medical insurance.
He is covered under his wife's plan.

False-- Kenneth started the violence.
SEIU Public Service Director of Local 2000 Elston McGowan who claims he was the victim is twice Kenneth's size.

True-- SEIU members attacked him.
At least 3 members attacked Kenneth and 1 member smashed a woman in the face.

True-- Kenneth was hurt and spent the night in the hospital.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Even More Video Of Union Violence From Thursday's TownHall In St Louis.

"Punch Back Twice As Hard"

I Am The Mob

Are You?

Video From Our PEACEFUL Protest At SEIU HeadQuarters.

Dana Loesch Addressed The Crowd.

Our Fearless Leader Bill Hennessy Spoke As Well.

3, That's Right, 3 People Showed Up To Support... Union Violence I Guess. The Guy Below Told Me He Works For A Company Called Express Groups. He Doesn't Like It When People Who Don't Think Like Him Speak Out.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Video Of Obama Thugs Attacking People From Carnahan TownHall.

Once Again Who's The Violent Mob?

Citizens Stand Up To SEIU Violence.

Hundreds Showed Up To Denounce The Violence That Occurred Thursday Evening At Russ Carnahan's TownHall Event. If You Didn't Know A Gentleman Named Kenneth Gladney Was Injured In An Unprovoked Attack By Several Members Of The SEIU. Video Of That Assault Can Be Seen On The Home Page Of This Website.
People From All Over The Area Came Together At The SEIU HQ Not Only To Denounce The Union's Violence But To Send A Message To President Obama That His Thugs Don't Scare Us. He Told Them To "Punch Back Twice as Hard" And They Did. But It Will Take Alot More Than Union PUNKS To To Keep The Lid On What is Simmering Out Here. I Have Been To So Many Tea Parties, Protests, And TownHalls And There Are So Many People Who Are NOT Going To Stand Down WE Are All Going To The Mat On This So Dig In Yall.

Oh And Don't Forget To Join Us On 8-22-09! Carnahan Office Crystal City. More Details To Come.
Reboot Congress Will Have The Video I Shot From This Event. I'll Be Taking My Lib Poker Pal's Money This Evening. No Time To Upload It.The NAACP And The ACLU Were Not There To Defend The Minority Victim Of This Assault. I Wonder Why.

Friday, August 7, 2009


St Louis Tea Party Has ALL The Details. Click HERE
DATE: Saturday, August 8, 2009 (tomorrow)

TIME: Noon

LOCATION: SEIU Headquarters, 5585 Pershing Ave., Suite 130, St. Louis, MO 63112

Come Join Us And Show President Obama That His Thug Tactics Will Not Deter Us. We Will Never Back Down. We Will Not Fade Away.

More Video From Carnahan TownHall.

Dave McArthur Was There To Voice His Opinion. He's Already Had Issues With Russ.

There Were Other Young Conservatives In The House.

Despite What Some People Think Some Actual Debate Did Go On. Groups Of People Stood And Sat Around And Talked Civilly. I Saw Several Different Occurrences Of This.

I Took A Little Stroll Through The Crowd.

You Can See More Coverage At These Sites.
Reboot Congress
P/Oed Patriot
Dana LoeschThe Black Sphere
St Louis Tea Party
GateWay Pundit A Traditional Life Lived

Exit Interview Fun!

"If Pol Pot Hadda Good Plan, I'd Follow It"

Carnahan Tries To Blame Tea Partiers.

HIS Union Supporters Are The Only Ones Who Were Violent.

Cash For Codgers!!

No Violence Until Obama Dispatched His Minions.

I Have Been To Dozens Of These Events All Over The St.Louis Area. I Have NEVER Seen One Tiny Little Bit Of Violence. That Is Until Last Night. Until President Obama Dispatched His "Supporters" To "Defend" Him At This TownHall.

They Certainly Heed Their Master's Call!
You Shut Up! Or I'll send My Thugs To Shut You Up! 1st Amendment Anyone?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Witness To ACORN Antics.

Nuff Said.
This Gentleman Was Also Assaulted By A Carnie A Short Time Later.

Exit Interview From Carnahan Forum.

Carnahan's "Forum" Gets Kinda Punchy.

Lots Of Video From This Event. Give Me Some Time. It'll Be Worth It. I was Inteviewing Some Of The "Angry Mob" When They Called My Attention To The Secret ACORN Entrance.

Then Later On In The Evening I Had This Encounter. The Woman Featured In This Video Was Later Arested For Assaulting A Young Lady. She Was Acting Crazy All night. And She Claimed She "Works" For Carnahan. I Heard Her Say It.
Here Is Where I Get Him To Admit HE Was Rushing The Door.
So Don't Buy It When They Say We Were Crazy.

AARP Officials Walk Out Of Their OWN "Listening" Session In Dallas.

We're Here To Listen....To Those Of You Who Agree With Us.
I Ran Into An AARP Rep At The Carnahan Forum. He Didnt Have Much To Say About This situation. And In All Fairness He's Not In Dallas.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Which Side Advocates For And Uses Thuggish And Mob Tactics?

"argue with them and get in their face!"

The Obama Justice Dept. Dropped Charges Of Voter Intimidation Against These Thugs Who Stood Outside A Philly polling Place On Election Day 08.


Registering A Park Bench As An Address And Voting That Same Day. Who's Tactics Are Questionable?

The Feds Have Been Given A Chance To Run HealthCare In This Country, For Native Americans. Let's See How That Worked Out.

I Met This Native American Gentleman At The Gas Station On My Way To Work This Morning. He Was Nice Enough To Talk To Me About The I.H.S. Indian Health Services Which Is Run By Your Federal Government. Hot Air Covered This Here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carnival Of Carnahan.

I took an hour off work today to cover Russ Carnahan's "Press Conference" this morning. Russ refused to allow independent media in so I was relegated to filming the fun outside. Thanx To Reboot Congress For The Video Help. This Guy Was Pretty Funny. I Think Maybe I Reached Him. Either Way A Star Is Born! Language Warning.
My New Buddy Cory Williams.

Carnahan's Chief Of Staff Lied To The Cops. He told Them Russ would Give a Statement In The Front Of The Dealership. I Didn't Buy It And I Hung Out In Back And Caught Russ Sneakin Out The Back Door.
Then I Caught The Congressman's Advisor Or Employee On His way Out.

Kevin Jackson, The Black Sphere Was In The House.

One More Video Just For Fun Concerned Citizens ask Questions Of Russ's Toadie Because Russ Was A Coward And Wouldn't Face The People.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just How In The Hell Does This Help the Economy? Watch As These Guys Destroy A Perfectly Good Car Because It Is Mandated By The Govt.The Cash For Clunkers Program Is Out Of Money. They Can Strip These Cars For Parts And Help Make Up For The Program's Budget Gap. Nah, That's To Easy. Just Destroy Billions Of Dollars In Perfectly Good Automobiles. This Is Pure STUPIDITY!!!!!STUPID!

Arlen Specter Doesn't Read Legislation Because It Needs To Be "Done Fast"

The Crowd Reaction Is Priceless. "WHY?!?!?" Arlen Didn't Have An Answer. Good Riddance To That RINO Douche.

Bailout Boulevard.

Wow! Obama Administration Spends More Money Than Every Other President In History, COMBINED. And Then Tells Us "To Live With In Our Means."

Hey, Remember That Whole No One Making Under $250 Thou Will Have Their Taxes Raised Thing? Yeah, That Was Kind of BullS*#t....Sorry.