Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great Turn Out To Protest Russ Carnahan In Crystal City!!

Hundreds Of Concerned Citizens Showed Up In Front Of Russ Carnahan's Crystal City Office Today. Fed Up With Russ's Obama Kool Aid Drinking, These Folks Took It To The Streets! More Coverage Of Crystal City At The P/Oed Patriot. Coverage From Other Protests Around Town Can Be Found At Gateway Pundit ;A Traditional Life Lived; Dana Loesch

Russ Didn't Have The Guts To Show Up Today So A Registered Dem Left Him A Nice Note!


  1. That's a nice crowd. Especially considering all the other gatherings. Wish I could've been there.

  2. where is crystal city?

  3. It is sad to see working men and women who are bearing the brunt of the economic downturn acting like such tools of the insurance companies. Twenty thousand INSURED Americans die every year because of denied coverage. That is six 911s every year.

    What is worse, is that for the past eight years so called "conservatives" have run this country into the ground. We are now a torture nation. Habeas Corpus is gone. Gone. And you guys were OK with runaway spending and two wars of aggression when Cheney was at the wheel. A black guy gets elected and THE SKY IS FALLING!!!! You know Obama hasn't really changed anything. We are still torturing, we are still killing Afghanis, we are still illegally spying on Americans, we are still spending over $600 billion a year on defense.

    For the past thirty years real wages for middle income Americans have been flat but energy, education, health care costs and PRODUCTIVITY are all rising. The top 5% of earners have seen a 140% increase in their income during this same period. In short, we work harder for less, pay more for our consumption, and the fat cats are getting fatter. Much fatter.

    Your message is mixed, racial and self hating.

    Basic benefits that all Americans enjoy like days off, vacations, schools, clean food and water, a safe workplace, etc., were championed by socialists and opposed by "conservatives". Every step in social and scientific progress has been opposed by "conservatives".

    This video says it all.

  4. JHunter99844 Straight from No one seems to think for them self. same old same old

  5. Hmmm, I thought JHunter99844 was a code name for Carnahan!

  6. is crystal city the home of METH?



  9. Jhunter is an UMSL student who got real excited when he got his blog on ShowMeProgress. He thinks 911 could have been an inside job, listens to wacked out professors, and thinks the tea party would have run into gangbangers in UCity.

    In other words, a not to bright nutcase looking for some attention.

    But he's big with a temper. So, presumably he'll threaten you if you question him on his parroting of what other people tell him.

    He's at

  10. jhunter is billiant and thaNk the LORD FOR HIM

  11. jeff is the meth capitol of MO THOUGH

  12. Jim Durbin summed it up nicely. I did get excited when I made it on Show Me Progress!

    I left the Mehlville meeting so I wouldn't get in a brawl. You right I have a temper, but I am not beating on someone is not the answer. Especially when insurance companies get hard working Americans like YOU Mr. Durbin to make it sound patriotic to kill people for money.

    And notice not one of you addressed any of my points. because you can't. BECAUSE YOU CAN'T!

  13. Hunter, there were No Conservatives in the White House the past 8 years, Bush was a Liberal..

    There are no Racists Here, just race Baiters like you.

    If you want to Earn more Hunter, get the Progressives in Washington to Dump the Progressive Income tax. Then when I work 2 Jobs I actually get to take More Home, not just pay more Taxes.

    For the past 100 years we have had Progressives telling us the Constitution is Old and needs to Be updated, that is the Real threat. And the President is without a doubt a Progressive.

    What are you Hunter?

    As far as getting paid by anyone..that is pathetic...if that is thebes you have, don't bother getting out of Bed.

    You have to do better Hunter, if you want to play with the Adults....

    The little Kids..are over at KOS..

  14. Sad how those kids are dressed up and made to hold those sign. Real sad.

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