Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eye Roll. Obama Invites Dirty Rapper to Perform at Rally.

I like Hip Hop. I even like some of the not so family friendly stuff.(Shout Out to Cypress Hill)
So I'm not judging Obama's taste in music. It's his judgement that's off here. This guy isn't exactly appropriate for a Presidential event. As evidenced by the following song/video. Details Here.

Jon Stewart Knows When To Jump Off a Sinking Ship.

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HT HotAir

Sean Hannity Predicts Russ Carnahan WILL LOSE!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Citizen Assaulted For Filming Democrat Governor.

H/T Double Plus Undead

Russ Carnahan Laughed At By Forum Audience.

After Russ loses in November he should try his hand at stand up comedy......Dude gets laughs.
By the way, the guy putting Russ in his place is Republican Candidate Ed Martin. You can donate to his campaign here.

This isn't the first time Russ has been laughed at by his constituents in a forum setting. The following video is from last year during the Obamacare debate.

Chris Christy Drops a Verbal Beat Down on Heckler....Again.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

StainD Front Man Aaron Lewis Performs a Tea Party Anthem.

Heard This on The Wilkow Majority Today.(Sirius Patriot 145)
I've always been a HUGE StainD fan and was heartened to hear this patriotic tune from a successful rock musician.
If you want to see Aaron perform live, click here for ticket info. He'll be playing The Pageant in St. Louis on Oct. 28th 2010. I'll be there with my Gadsden Flag. Come out and support one of the good guys in the music biz.

Video: Woodward Book Bombshells Discussed.

"Gonna Get Alot of People Killed"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

NEVER Rob a Bank in My Home Town of Florissant Missouri.

Not only will we catch you and hold you for the cops, We'll ridicule you endlessly until they get there!

Hat Tip to Kyle G. via Facebook.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shocker! OFA Employee Involved Astro-Turfed "Nazi" Protest.

Watch the whole video. The "grassroots" protest returns to it's homebase, a Democrat campaign office!

And Here's The Proof. This video comes from O.F.A's St. Louis Office Grand Opening.

Hat Tip To Ed The Research Machine.

Umm..WTF is Up With the New Robin Carnahan Ad?

I have watched this 3 times and I have NO Idea what it even says about Blunt. I'm too distracted by Robins cattle insemination(?) gloves. WTF is on those gloves? Then the nice ending shot of the bull's ass covered in....
Now I associate Robin Carnahan with bullsh*t more than ever!

Bill Maher Uses The N-Word But TEA Partiers are The Racists.

Wait who's the racist?

Nothing racist there.

Michelle Obama In "Hell". "Can't Stand" First Lady Job.

I guess that's what happens when you're the 1st Lady of a country that you don't even like. Maybe they should have just stayed home in Chicago with their America hating friends in their America hating "church". She seemed happier there.

Click Here for the full story.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calling Out The Fakes Part Two. St Louis Tea Party 9-12-10.

Calling Out The Fakes Part One: St Louis TEA Party 9-12-10.

Several Thousand Attend 9-12 TEA Party in St Louis!

What a Great event. Kicked off by searing set from local conservative rock band "The Sounding Fathers" Including a kick A$$ cover of Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American"

Best Shirt of the Day.

The Crowds were awesome. The Grand Stair Case under the Arch was completely full as was the street level. The crowd even spilled over to the grassy areas on both sides of the stairs!

Best sign of the day.

Video Coming Soon...stay tuned.

WATCH! 9/12 St. Louis Tea Party LIVE! on!

I have posted the Live Feed of Michelle Moore from a Traditional Life Lived on my sidebar.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gretchen Carlson Nails Robert Gibbs to the Wall.

Awesome work from Carlson! Asking tough questions and making them answer!
Actual Journalism on TV!!